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Mission 8
Seat Of Power

Page 10Mission 9 : Dark Heart


10 Gamerscore

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Hole in One

Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart

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Tip - Sneak up on a Ceph, grab him and throw him down the sinkhole near one of the veins (see walkthrough for more details.)

20 Gamerscore

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Into the Abyss
Infiltrate the alien hive

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Tip – You’ll gain this automatically for sabotaging the three veins


Mission 9: Dark Heart - when you see the giant shadow of a robotic harvesting unit, head through to that area but don't go through the green door. Check behind you in the corner of the room where you'll find the model lying next to some dead bodies.

After blowing pathway through the tunnels to the next section, check out the red scaffolding next to the fallen marine. Hop on top to grab the tag.

At the first subway tunnel, head for the maintenance corridor to the East. Head down the corridor and you’ll see the dog tag lying next to the body of a marine.

The mission begins… 

Assault The Hive Core: Find Reeves And His Team

As you head up the train tracks, there’s some ammo supplies on your right. 

It's going to get dark in here and there's an alien infestation, so be prepared to use your Nanovision at a moment's notice.

The shotgun is a great weapon to use in this tight location. The Ceph are very fast and are likely to get up close and personal. Keep an eye out for explosive barrels too.

The first 3 minutes through the Ceph-infested dark tunnels

Tactical Options Available

1. Explore

2. Ledge Grab


Explore leads you to an MK.60 here which has a fast rate of fire and is ideal for alien slaying!

Tip – The MK.60 has a long reload time, so only reload if you have to, or when the coast is totally clear.

Head to Ledge Grab. From here, you can either bypass some of the aliens, or use your elevated position to your advantage.

On the walkway you’ll also find the JAW weapon. Before you drop down, take a moment to check your map for red blips, indicating enemy activity. No aliens can get to you from this position, so fire away before heading down. Before you move to the exit door and go through to the next area, check out the maintenance corridor on the east of the tracks. At the end of the corridor you’ll find a dog tag. Head to the exit where you’ll have a safe passageway through the rooms, until you kick open the next door. Before you exit, check out the ammo crates in the corner of the maintenance room where you’ll see a New York collectible

Tactical Options Available

1. Resupply

2. Destroy

3. Ledge Grab 


Ledge Grab will give you access to the DSG-1 sniper rifle

Head to Resupply. There’s loads of ammo and host of other weapons just on the right hand side of the tunnel past the scaffolding where you performed the Ledge Grab.  Destroy will lead you to your objective. Check on the top of the red scaffolding to grab another dog tag.

Destroy The Spore Conduit: Access The Spore Silo

Head to Destroy and light the fuse to blast through the tunnel. 

Tactical Options Available

1. Resupply

2. Flank

3. Exit

There’s an ammo crate just before you enter this area so stock up at Resupply. Cloak and go to Flank, where you’ll head down the slope toward the veins, avoiding Ceph activity. Cloak whenever you get the opportunity 

Sabotage The Spore Conduit. Interface With The Spore Veins

You’ll end up behind the Spore Conduit. Get to the front, centre and press the action button to destroy it.

There’s a lot of Ceph activity at Spore Conduit so take your time and try and pick them off from a distance. You can take up refuge behind the Conduit, where you can re-charge your energy and then cloak to dash to the Exit.  The Devastator unit also makes a return, but the reward of more catalysts for killing him is high. You need head-shots all the way, and preferably a heavy weapon or some explosives. Once you’ve destroyed the Conduit, head to the Exit. You now need to destroy another one.

Check your Nanosuit customization menu. If you’ve been picking up catalysts you should be able to upgrade. Mobile Mobility improves your leap! 

Tactical Options Available


2. Flank

3. Snipe

4. Ascend

5. Neutralize 

This is a tough section. You start at the snipe option, so use your position here to take down as many Ceph as you can see. 

You can always move back for cover and pick up more ammo from the crate that you passed on your way to this elevated position. There’s some decent cover at the Flank position, but head down there while cloaked. Stay out of the middle area completely 

You need to head to Neutralize to sabotage the second vein. It’s up on the ledge and is guarded by a Devastator unit.

Flank your way around to the Neutralize position and hop up onto the ledge.

Use your Armor ability, or cloak and bypass him to activate the vein and destroy it

Now, get to the Ascend position. Keep on the upper platform where you destroyed the vein and leap up the next ledge.  

The mountain will begin to crumble so make sure you only step on safe ground.  There’s some ammo and grenades as you make your way to the top of the cliff. You’re going to come up against some stiff opposition now. It’s quite a linear path forward so stay your distance as much as you can and pick off Ceph before moving forward. If you have any grenades, now is the time to use them. 

There's some strategically placed cars on route. Remember you can kick them!

Don’t rush to take out the final vein. There’s a lot of alien activity around here. Stay near to ammo spots, so you can refill, and pick Ceph off before moving forward. There’s a chance to unlock an achievement here. Find the sinkhole near to the vein. It’s in the crater. Cloak, grab a Ceph and throw him in to gain the achievement. When Ceph numbers are low and you see the opportunity, cloak, leg it and destroy the Spore Conduit.

Sabotage The Central Alien Structure

Watch this cut-scene carefully. You will be prompted to Grab and carry out other on-screen prompts.  Fail to do so and you will die. 

Escape The Flood. Reach The Helicopter For Extraction

Keep running toward the blue objective marker.

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Mission 10
Semper Fi Or Die

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